4 Reasons To Hire A Traffic Attorney

Nobody likes to receive a traffic ticket. It is a stressful experience, often both mentally and financially. Nonetheless, it is likely that most people will be issued at least one traffic ticket throughout their lifetime. The term “traffic violation” is very broad, and encompasses a wide variety of illegal automotive activities. Maybe you were speeding, driving recklessly, or not fully stopping at stop signs. It is possible for any one of these behaviors, and a large amount of others, to get you in trouble and issued a traffic ticket.

Often, after receiving a traffic ticket many people panic. This is especially the case for first time offenders, who are unaware of how to proceed. Fortunately, traffic ticket attorneys exist for this exact purpose — to assist you with your traffic ticket case. Some people may be wary of attorneys, fearing high fees and low success rates. However, this is typically not the case, as there are many reasons to hire an attorney.

First and foremost, a traffic ticket attorney specializes in one thing — traffic tickets. They’ve likely handled cases like yours before, and know how to get you “off the hook.” In some cases, this can result in the ticket being dismissed entirely, or reduced to a minor fine such as jaywalking. Lawyers are trained in this field, and those know what to look for. When analyzing your specific ticket, they can often spot errors made by the issuer that invalidate the ticket. This may be grounds for a dismissal of the ticket, or at least a fine or charge reduction.

Additionally, traffic ticket attorneys can frequently protect your from points on your record. If you’ve been charged with a moving violation, or a violation occurring when the car was in motion, chances are there will be points assigned to your driving record. These points are harmful, and if you accumulate too many you can face a license suspension. Thus, it is imperative to try and avoid points at all costs. Even if they can’t dismiss the ticket, a traffic attorney can help reduce your charge and remove the points. Perhaps you were going 10 mph over the speed limit on the highway and issued points. An experienced traffic attorney may be able to get this charge reduced to jaywalking, which is accompanied by just a small fine.

Further, a traffic tickets attorney is less expensive than you likely think. Typically, attorneys are thought of being very expensive, charging hundreds of dollars an hour. However, this is not always the case — especially with traffic ticket attorneys. Traffic ticket attorneys know that ticket fines are not always that much. Thus, their rates have to be reasonable, priced significantly less than the potential fines. After all, if hiring an attorney costed more than just paying the ticket, these attorneys would get no business.

Lastly, hiring an experienced traffic ticket attorney can help to intimidate the prosecutor. Although representing yourself without a lawyer can occasionally work, most people do not have enough knowledge of the law to successfully negotiate in court. Prosecutors know this, and will assume that the defendant won’t fight very hard against the ticket, simply because they don’t really know how. However, if they have to face an experienced attorney, they know that they are in for a fight, and are more likely to give in. Thus, a traffic ticket attorney can be a very helpful resource if you’ve been issued a ticket.