How Dangerous Is The Spread Of Coronavirus In Palm Beach?

Many of us have questions about the coronavirus, which is actually just an umbrella term or family name for a number of viruses. COVID-19 is actually a disease caused by this particular coronavirus, which is something scientists haven’t seen before and governments around the world were obviously unprepared to experience. Is COVID-19 dangerous? Should you be worried about coronavirus lawsuits emerging out of the ether?

Yes, COVID-19 is extremely dangerous — probably much more than you think.

No, you shouldn’t be worried about a flood of lawsuits because of coronavirus.

The answer to the second question is simple: personal injury lawyers won’t take on lawsuits they can’t easily settle or win in court, and no judge will award money to a plaintiff who cannot prove his case. Can you easily prove a person willfully infected you with a virus? Unlikely. That’s not to say that such cases won’t emerge, but they won’t be common. If you think you have one, then request the services of a personal injury attorney. 

Most related lawsuits will likely be raised against employers who didn’t provide adequate sick leave and compensation to critical staff or didn’t provide them with enough protection.

The answer to the first question is more complicated than most people understand. First, the novel coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 disease is far deadlier and far more contagious than the season flu, which is what most people are still mistakenly comparing it to. Even more of a threat to the population is the potential for the virus to mutate to become even deadlier. Plus, there’s the possibility that the coronavirus will become endemic because we didn’t do enough to prevent its spread. That means we could be dealing with similar outbreaks every year.

The latter scenarios means that coronavirus lawsuits will become common, regardless of what form they take. 

Many people have yet to follow simple social distancing requests by CDC and government officials because they don’t understand the danger. The reproduction rate of this coronavirus is actually more on par with the Spanish flu — which is responsible for the deadliest pandemic in modern history. On top of that, COVID-19 is anywhere from ten times to thirty times as deadly as the seasonal flu, which actually places it more on par with the Spanish flu in terms of potential fatalities.

But because the virus is more infectious than both the flu and Spanish flu, more fatalities will be logged simply because more people will be infected. This is why you should try to stay away from family and friends whenever possible — and take this outbreak seriously!